9 Reasons Why You Should Drink Plenty of Water and How to Create a New ‘Water’ Habit

We all know the importance of drinking more water but not all of us know why it is important; and if we know, most of us don’t have developed the habit of drinking plenty of water.

In our previous blogs, we have discussed that the body is made up of cells, for which survival they need oxygen, water, nutrients and the ability to eliminate its own waste. (read more about it)

Water is important to cells because, without it, they would not be able to remove waste, bring in nutrients or transport oxygen in the body. Following that, if the cells do not get enough water, they will die, so will our body. Now since we know the importance of drinking more water, let’s list the benefits we will get by doing so and start creating new healthy habits.

  1.  Weight Loss

When we drink more water, the waste elimination process will speed up, all the stored fluid deposits (in a case of dehydration) will be flush out, the body will be purified. By drinking more water we will reduce hunger and intake of fizzy drinks, coffee or any other full of calories drinks. Water has 0 calories. That’s how we will start losing weight.

  2. Toxins Will Flush Out

By increasing the waste elimination process through sweat and urination we will flush out toxins, fats and harmful for the body waste products. That will reduce the risk of kidney stones and UTI’s (urinary tract infections).

  3. Increase of Energy and Vitality 

Dehydration can suck all of your energy away and makes you fill tired and less productive. Even a small 1 or 2% of dehydration can cause that discomfort. If you wait to get thirsty before drinking water, then you are already dehydrated and experiencing all the negative symptoms, including headaches.

  4. Getting Rid of Headaches 

Most of the times headaches are a sign of dehydration. Drinking more water helps relieve and prevent headaches – migraines and back pain.

  5. Feeling Happier

When all the body processes are functioning properly, we will naturally feel happier and motivated to use our full potential.

  6. Healthier and Beautiful Skin

Water is the best anti-aging skin moisturiser. It cleans the skin and keeps it soft, smooth and glowing. It gets rid of wrinkles. Of course, that won’t happen for a day but try drinking more water for a week and you will see it for yourself.

  7. Immune System Boost

By drinking plenty of water regularly, we are helping the body to work properly. It helps fight against flu, cancer and other diseases like heart attack. Wouldn’t you rather feel healthier most of the time?

  8. Better Workouts

Water keeps us hydrated during our workout, but we might not know how. Water is necessary for us to have energy during a workout because it is the transporter of oxygen and glucose throughout the body. The muscles need water for strength and flexibility. Our joints need water to prevent stiffness and our brain needs water to send instructions to the body what to do. Drinking plenty of water before, during and after workouts is essential.

  9. Save Money

Water is FREE! Even if you buy bottled water, it is cheaper than the high in sugar and fats soft drinks or coffees.

How to Create a New ‘Water’ Habit

Knowing the importance and the benefits of drinking plenty of water will make it easier to start creating a new habit which will help us get all the benefits listed above.

Here is how to do it:

  • Understand the importance of it.
  • Do not wait to get thirsty to start drinking water.
  • Have a water bottle with you all the time.
  • Drink 2.5 – 3l of water every day (increase it when exercising or in hot weather).
  • Replace other soft drinks or coffee with water.
  • Keep track of how much water you drink per day until it becomes a habit.

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